Society of News Design…

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky to work with Josue Evilla, and Grant Staublin at The Boston Globe on a fairly regular basis. The stories they forward me to illustrate are always interesting, and the two are always open to my ideas, and images. I’ve really enjoyed each job that we’ve worked on together, and last week I got an email from Grant that was really an icing on the cake type of email. The guys at The Globe submitted a portfolio to the Society of News Design, and were selected as the winners of an “Award of Excellence”. I was thrilled to hear that my work was included in the award winning portfolio, and even more excited to hear that my work was side by side with illustrators such as Harry Campbell, Alex Nabaum, and Emiliano Ponzi. Obviously I was in amazing company with those three. It’s rewarding enough to work with people like Josue and Grant, and being included in their award winning portfolio with some illustrators that I really look up to is pretty special.

My most recent piece for The Boston Globe, for an article entitled “If We Build It They Will Come”.

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