Some drawings…

Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work alongside two great design firms Open, and Smoke. Both firms are located in New York City, and do great work for a large variety of different clients. I thought I would post some work I’ve done for both firms that have common themes of collaging drawings. Also I have posted some drawings I completed for The Brooklyn Public Library last summer. So here we go….

First are some concept sketches done for the great guys at Smoke Design. These drawings were used in mock ups for Verizon, during pitches for the cover design of the Yellow Pages. Neither set of drawings ran, but I thought that the drawings looked nice, and could have made for a great Yellow Pages cover.




Last winter I worked with Open on a poster for the World Financial Center Arts Program. The posters listed holiday film events going on around the city that were sponsored by the arts program. The drawings and type that I completed were used in newspaper ads, magazine ads, mailers, and posters. I was really thrilled with the way the entire project looked, and was especially excited to recieve an eight foot tall vinyl poster that was exhibited at the World Financial Center.



The next set of drawings were used by the Brooklyn Public Library for their summer reading campaign. The summer reading campaing had a “mystery” theme and the icons followed suit. The drawings were used on billboards, newspaper and magazine ads, bookmarks, bus wraps, posters, and shopping bags.



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