Sounds of the City…

I was recently asked by some nice folks at Complex to talk about my work, the music I listen to, and the city I live in. The interview is being used in a promotion for the Heineken “Sounds of the City” project. I’ll be releasing a one of a kind hand painted turntable shortly, and there will be two more videos coming out soon.

Many thanks to the people at Complex and Heineken, it’s exciting to be able to represent my new home, show off some work, and donate what will hopefully become a valued turntable to someone’s home. Here are some screen grabs from the first video, and a link to the Complex site where you can view my video as well as videos from other cities featured in the promotion.

Sounds of Seattle

50 Watts

Last month book design blog 50 Watts ran an interesting contest. Contestants were asked to create their own book cover designs for their favorite novels or books, in the fashion of vintage Polish book covers featured on the blog. As an added bonus, this contest didn’t call for any type of entry fee, and I was eager to participate. I chose to design and illustrate a cover for the novel “Jailbird” by Kurt Vonnegut. I translated the title and the phrase “a novel” to give it that extra Polish flair. I was also excited to see my book cover listed in the judges honorable mention category of the contest. This was a super fun project to take part in, and 50 Watts is an incredible blog filled with volumes of inspirational visual material. A great experience all around.

“The Information”

“The Information” is a new book written by James Gleick. It tells the story of the human effort to store, access, and communicate information. It also discusses new information theories, as well as a historic review of early messaging techniques and forms of information storage. The prompt sent to me from Carrie Lyle at The Washington Post was quite open, and the book provided a multitude of visual options to work with. “The Information” is a book about information, communication, and the key to unlocking many kingdoms of human interaction. Here is a link to a review of “The Information” written by Anthony Grafton. Thanks Carrie!

The Education Issue…

Earlier this month Josue Evilla, at The Boston Globe Magazine called me with a really fun assignment. This issue of the magazine was a special edition focusing on education. Josue asked if I could make a bunch of small icons that represented all types of different free services available to the community in college towns. The prompt was really open ended and I had fun running through this many images. Thanks Josue!


I’ve opened a web store here. I plan on supplying it with personal projects, hand transferred posters, and some other types of prints. Below is the newest edition, an 8.5″ x 11″ print made with xerox transfer and desktop printing.


Last month I worked on a few pieces for Nature magazine. The articles I illustrated were based on cancer prevention, medication, diet, and lifestyle. The good folks at Nature were kind enough to send me a copy of the issue, so here are some shots of my work in print. Many thanks to Barbara Izdebska, and Herb Brody. You can also view these new pieces on my site.

Society of News Design…

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky to work with Josue Evilla, and Grant Staublin at The Boston Globe on a fairly regular basis. The stories they forward me to illustrate are always interesting, and the two are always open to my ideas, and images. I’ve really enjoyed each job that we’ve worked on together, and last week I got an email from Grant that was really an icing on the cake type of email. The guys at The Globe submitted a portfolio to the Society of News Design, and were selected as the winners of an “Award of Excellence”. I was thrilled to hear that my work was included in the award winning portfolio, and even more excited to hear that my work was side by side with illustrators such as Harry Campbell, Alex Nabaum, and Emiliano Ponzi. Obviously I was in amazing company with those three. It’s rewarding enough to work with people like Josue and Grant, and being included in their award winning portfolio with some illustrators that I really look up to is pretty special.

My most recent piece for The Boston Globe, for an article entitled “If We Build It They Will Come”.

The Times…

Today I have an Op-ed illustration running in The New York Times. The article, written by LAKHDAR BRAHIMI and THOMAS R. PICKERING is entitled “Settling the Afghan War”, and proposes ways to implement an international third party that could broker a peace settlement. You can read the article here, and see my illustration below. Thanks Gary!

Website update…

My portfolio site has been updated with a new design and all new work.
I’m excited for the spring, and about projects past and future!

Power in Numbers

On Friday I participated in the “Power in Numbers” exhibition at the Chicago Art Department. The group show features designers, and illustrators from many different pockets of the world. Each participant was asked to create an 18 x 24 print that was inspired by the theme “Power in Numbers”. The show runs until March 25. Below is my poster, thanks to Jason and Mike for including me in the show.